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The bitcoin phenomenon large

The Bitcoin Phenomenon (35 min) explores the Bitcoin phenomenon in-depth in this documentary. We cover the history, the technology, and the clash between the politics of early-adopters and the VCs and entrepreneurs gearing up to take Bitcoin mainstream.

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Gfx term sheet

Term Sheet

TERM SHEET is a series about startups. SQ1 explores all aspects of startups from product development to venture financing with top entrepreneurs and VCs who've seen it all before.

Gfx trendline


With TRENDLINE, looks at big trends that are on the horizon shaping consumer behavior, politics, culture, technology, or finance. Our pilot series was on the Bitcoin phenomenon.

Gfx american icon

American Icon

AMERICAN ICON is our look at the most successful entrepreneurs. This series focuses on the pivotal steps and maneuvers that determined the initial success for the innovators of our time.

Gfx case study

Case Study

CASE STUDY is a series focused on operating businesses. We dive into the details of interesting brands with a look at key operating metrics, financials, capital structure, and strategic plans.

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STATECRAFT is SQ1's series on economics and global affairs. STATECRAFT examines the dynamics of wealth, power, history, and conflict among the great powers.

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DEALMAKER looks at the inner-workings of private equity transactions. We explore the before and after transaction details from the operating challenges, deal structure, to the key strategies deployed.

Gfx brand builder

Brand Builder

BRAND BUILDER is a series that looks at how great brands are built. We examine the history, motivation and execution mechanics behind the impact.

Gfx trading desk

Trading Desk

TRADING DESK is a behind-the-scenes look at Wall Street. On each episode, SQ1 gets a trading desk's view on how and why a particular security is structured, sold, and traded.